Flower and leaf decorative bowl with sphere*2

Flower and leaf decorative bowl with sphere*2

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Strong estate artistic expression with highly floral foliage patterns and vine decorations with playful almost naïve subjects, are characteristics of the designs features a marbelized Cherry Brown finish relief sitting on a footed pedestal base. This sophisticated bowl w/ 2 spheres is a stuing and timeless collection that enhances any dier table. This Silver Floral Foliage Bowl is an exquisite piece of bowl , superb addition to any room that would like to appeal to the transitional style. This bowl comes with 2 decorative spheres is the perfect decorative accessory to capture attention and beautify your rooms with. Display this on any table to add everlasting grace to its surrounding space. Majestically crafted and painted, this decorative bowl is the perfect stylish accessory for your room. This beautifully handpainted and handcrafted decorative bowl with two matching decorative spheres is designed for homely comfort .

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